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Free Flow has been distributing treatment reagents to the foundry industry for 15 years and has overwhelming success in treating RCRA metals in all type of casting facilities. Free Flow has the ability with its high tech production plant to tailor a blend to meet the clients need and minimize the cost of the blend and the dosage rate. We are able to meet specific needs and not sell a standard blend to meet all needs. What works for one facility may be an overdose by a high percentage at another facility.

The chart below is an example of some types of foundry wastes encountered with varying degrees of metal concentrations. The dosages indicated are representative of the reagents ability to stabilize the waste in the lowest possible dosages.

Brass Sand Foundry Sand Cupola Dust EAF Dust Slag Sand fill area Foundry Sand Cupola Dust Slag
Metal Lead Cadmium
Untreated Level
( mg/L )
27 68 132 11.2 102 65 0.7 1.56 1.44
Free Flow Treatment Dosage 2% 3% 4% 8% 5% 3.5% 3% 4% 5%
Treated Level
( mg/L )
0.5 0.01 0.004 0.2 0.004 0.112 0.005 0.004 0.004
pH 6 7.9 8.5 11.2 10 6.4 7.9 8.5 10
Method TCLP


Arsenic Remediation Project

An arsenic remediation project at an industrial site in the southern US

New Air Permit for Brass Foundry

One of Free Flow Technologies "Environmental Compliance Services"

Remote Military Site

Military site cleanup in Alaska.

National Park Service

Cleanup at former missle site in Florida.

Sludge Stabilization

Complex sludge stabilization project.

Firing Range Cleanup

Economical and effective cleanup of US Army firing range.

Petroleum Plume Cleanup Update

ART well remediation system.

Custom Treatment Systems

Foundry dust/fumes treatment system - designed and installed by Free Flow Technologies.

Mining Waste Remediation

Free Flow Products Excel in SPLP. - Low dosage FF-200® treatment of mining waste has no problem meeting SPLP standards.

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