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Free Flow recently conducted treatability studies on industrial slag material from China. The criteria was stringent as China has their vrsion of a water leach test that is similar to the SPLP in the U.S

Typically the SPLP test is difficult to pass with a reagent added as most chemistries raise the pH to a level that induces leaching activity.The Free Flow chemistry however had no difficulty meeting the criteria for China. A 2.5% dose confirmed all metals well below the Chinese criteria.

Element Concentration
(mg/kg; pH=3.37)
Untreated Leaching Analysis
Chinese Leaching Test
(HJ/T557-2010) Criteria
SPLP Treated with 1% FF-100
(mg/L; pH=5.83)
SPLP Treated with 2.5% FF-100
(mg/L; pH=8.81)
Antimony 88 < 0.080
Barium 28 0.027
Beryllium < 0.25
Chromium < 4.0 < 0.020
Copper 25 0.11
Iron 42,000 38
Thallium < 5.0 < 0.025
Vandium < 8.0 < 0.040
Arsenic 900 < 0.013 0.5 0.073 < 0.13
Cadmium 66 0.31 0.1 0.078 < 0.063
Lead 14,000 7 1 0.015 0.18
Selenium < 2.5 < 0.013 0.5 < 0.080 < 0.80
Zinc 1,800 3.1 5 0.63 < 0.063


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