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Free Flow Chemistry

Free Flow Technologies, Ltd. offers a variety of reagent blends that are specially developed to reduce the mobility of heavy metals in contaminated materials. The Free Flow chemistry has been utilized throughout the United States and has proved to be effective on all RCRA metals.


The combined additives form a blend that prevents leaching in all types of environments. The blends pass the SPLP, TCLP and MEP, which is the EPA approved method for determining the long term stability of treated waste.

The Free Flow blends have been approved for use in remediation projects directed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USEPA, DOD, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, National Park Service and various state and local agencies.

Free Flow 100®

Free Flow 100® (FF-100®) reagent is a nonreversible chemical fixation chemistry for RCRA heavy metals stabilization in contaminated waste materials and soils and is utilized throughout the United States in fixed-based applications.

Typical Applications

Lead Battery Recycler

Industrial Plants

Ordinance Firing Ranges

Soil Remediation


SDS: Free Flow-100®

Specification Sheet: Free Flow-100®

Free Flow 200®

Free Flow 200® (FF-200®) reagent has proven to be an effective and economical alternative to traditional blends for lead stabilization in soils and sludges. FF-200® is easy to handle in the field and provides effective non-reversing fixation of the lead at low dosages and is virtually dust free.

Typical Applications

Mine Tailing Waste

Contaminated River Sediment

Landfill Site

Ordinance Firing Ranges

Industrial Sites


SDS: Free Flow-200®

Specification Sheet: Free Flow-200®

Free Flow 300®

The Perfect Blend

Free Flow 300® (FF-300®) is a blend that provides a broader range of effective treatment for RCRA metals under a variety of onsite conditions.

The chemistry is robust and fast acting to form insoluble salts with RCRA metals at low dosages and ensures protection from future liability in commercial and onsite landfills.

Another advantage of the FF-300® product is the cost savings. Compared to competetive products, this chemistry is selling at a reduced cost and ensures a lower dosage than other chemistries.

Typical Applications

Battery Recyclers

Electronics Recycling


Soils Remediation

Industrial Facilities


SDS: Free Flow-300®

Specification Sheet: Free Flow-300®

Custom Blends

Blends for All Special Needs

Our Loves Park (IL) production and distribution facility has the capability of producing and storing special blends.

Unique Treatment Criteria

  • Varying pH conditions
  • Unusual geology
  • Multiple metals with varying treatment levels
  • Matrix interference
  • Potential interference properties
  • Overly high concentrations


Arsenic Remediation Project

An arsenic remediation project at an industrial site in the southern US

New Air Permit for Brass Foundry

One of Free Flow Technologies "Environmental Compliance Services"

Remote Military Site

Military site cleanup in Alaska.

National Park Service

Cleanup at former missle site in Florida.

Sludge Stabilization

Complex sludge stabilization project.

Firing Range Cleanup

Economical and effective cleanup of US Army firing range.

Petroleum Plume Cleanup Update

ART well remediation system.

Custom Treatment Systems

Foundry dust/fumes treatment system - designed and installed by Free Flow Technologies.

Mining Waste Remediation

Free Flow Products Excel in SPLP. - Low dosage FF-200® treatment of mining waste has no problem meeting SPLP standards.

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